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What can make health insurance better? Your ideas.



Join Talk to Horizon and help shape the member experience

Horizon always welcomes feedback in whatever form it takes. But did you know that the company actively engages its members to get their ideas on how we can improve the way we serve all our customers?

The formal name of this give-and-take approach is Talk to Horizon – an online community that the company launched in 2013 to get first-hand, unvarnished views from members about the health plans we offer, how we communicate to them, and the support Horizon gives to its members.

“It’s really important we hear directly from members so we can understand what we’re doing well and where we could do better,” says Jay Driggers, Chief Experience Officer at Horizon. “We want to make sure nothing is getting in the way of our mission to help our members achieve their best health.”

Interested in joining Talk to Horizon? Here’s what you need to know

Talk to Horizon engages members in several different ways, including one-on-one interviews, online opinion polls, member panels or focus groups. Thousands of members have participated to date, and Horizon is always recruiting.

Adding the customer voice to Horizon starts with a simple introductory survey, which takes about five minutes to complete.

Once members complete the introductory survey and confirm their interest in being a Talk to Horizon participant, they will be contacted via email once or twice a month for participation in one or more of the engagement activities – any and all of which are totally voluntary.

Eligible Talk to Horizon members will be entered into a random monthly drawing for cash prizes each time they complete an activity.

The Talk to Horizon community is completely voluntary, open to most Horizon members, and you can opt out at any time. The information you provide will be used for research purposes only. Any information that would let someone identify you or your family will be kept private.

 “Opinion surveys are a common tool to gauge customer satisfaction in a product or service, but health care is different,” Driggers added. “We understand that health care is deeply personal and getting it right means connecting directly with our members so we can better understand their experience and wherever possible, use their feedback to improve the way we operate as a company. That’s our mission, and it starts and ends with how we serve our members.”