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This New Year, Get Your Health Care House in Order



Get organized – and get the most out of your health plan. Follow this simple checklist.

The New Year is a great time to clear the clutter from your life and plan for the year ahead. That’s especially true when it comes to your health insurance.

Here are some simple steps to get organized now so you can get the most of your Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey health plan across 2020:

1. Get Connected. Horizon members have several ways to easily check their health plan information – and do so much more. By creating a personalized account on HorizonBlue.com, members can access claim activity, manage referrals and even securely chat with us online.

The free Horizon Blue app gives members full, 24/7 mobile access to the same features available online at HorizonBlue.com. You’ll be able to find an in-network doctor, specialist, hospital, lab or urgent care center as well as the medical, hospital, dental, lab or vision services your plan covers. You can also access your ID cards, check claims and explanations of benefits (EOB) and will be able to consult a doctor through telemedicine services soon. To download the app, simply text “GetApp” to 422-272 or search for “HorizonBlue” in the Apple or Google app stores.

2. Pick a primary care doctor. Your first source in health care is your primary care provider, or PCP. This professional offers annual wellness check-ups, cares for everyday illnesses and can help manage chronic conditions. In some health plans, such as the Horizon HMO plans, a PCP must refer you to see a specialist. If you’re looking for a PCP for the first time or want to make a change, use our Doctor & Hospital Finder tool to locate one in your community.

3. Schedule your annual exams. Now that you have a PCP, make sure to plan for your annual preventive visit. If you see any specialists on a yearly basis – such as an OB-GYN – look into making those appointments too.

4. Understand your coverage. Knowing which medical services are covered by your health plan can help ensure you receive the best care while avoiding added costs or unnecessary stress. For example, many preventive services are covered at no cost to you. Plus, your coverage may offer some unexpected benefits like gym discounts or identity theft protection. Check out these five ways to get more from your Horizon plan.

5. Traveling outside of New Jersey? For students living away from home or long-term travelers, Horizon BCBSNJ offers the Away From Home Care Program at no additional cost for members enrolled in certain plans. This program gives eligible members in-network access to participating doctors, facilities and other health care professionals throughout the country if they’re out of state for 90 consecutive days but no more than 180 days. Learn how to enroll here.

6. Explore money-saving tips. At Horizon BCBSNJ, we’re constantly striving to help make health care more affordable. To help you control out-of-pocket costs, make sure you:

  • Use in-network doctors or hospitals, as their negotiated rates with Horizon typically result in lower expenses for you
  • Ask your doctor to prescribe generic drugs instead of brand names, as they have equivalent performance and safety but cost less
  • Consider visiting an urgent care center instead of the emergency room depending on your health issue – here’s a guide to help decide where to go
  • Live a healthy lifestyle, because a good diet, regular exercise and avoiding tobacco and excessive amounts of alcohol can reduce your risk of many diseases and keep you out of the doctor’s office
  • Check out the Blue365® discount program, where members can save on cookbooks, fitness clothing, child safety products, eyeglasses, and much more

Wherever 2020 takes you, a little upfront planning can make the journey easier and healthier. Horizon will be there all along the way. For specific questions about your plan and coverage, call us at 800-355-BLUE (2583) or contact us through your HorizonBlue account.