Supporting employers to make New Jersey healthier

50% of Horizon's members receive coverage through an employer

Among Horizon’s 3.7 million members, well over one-half receive their coverage through their employer. These members work for state and federal government agencies, labor organizations, major national and New Jersey employers, and small mom-and-pop businesses that are the backbone of the state’s economy.

Learn more about the ways we’re helping employers make New Jersey healthier by making coverage more affordable, helping support employers’ coverage needs, and holding down health insurance costs.

A focus on whole-person care. Good health means caring for the body AND mind. From helping employers understand how employee burnout and anxiety, depression and substance use disorders impact their workforce to making it easier to get answers and help for mental health needs, Horizon is leading the way to integrate physical and mental health services and make New Jersey healthier.

Adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic. When the pandemic struck NJ businesses, Horizon stood with our customers to ensure their employees got the care they needed. We helped them keep the coverage that protects their employees and their families.

Now, we’re helping them plan how to safely re-open their business.

On-site nursing. Understanding that individuals who take charge of their health have better odds of staying healthy, Horizon offers businesses a dedicated nurse to work with employees on site and get them more engaged in their own care. The Primary Nurse Program (PNP) drives improvements that can lower costs and reduce employees’ time away from the job. Many New Jersey employers are choosing to give their workforce much needed extra help and support.

Support and tools for employee caregivers. With employers recognizing the growing pressures that workers experience with caring for children or elderly parents, Horizon Behavioral Health has expanded its programs to include more easily accessible services for group employee members who need help and support.

EXPANDing Horizons. New Jersey’s employers want to help their employees stay healthy. That means helping them offer the benefits that employees want so they can attract top candidates in a competitive job market. Horizon EXPAND offers businesses low-cost, comprehensive options that bundle coverage for dental, vision and other benefits.