16:04 PM

Quick and Easy Access to Mental Health Information Is Just a Click Away


Horizon members get new website that helps answer questions and connect to care.


If you or someone you care about is experiencing anxiety, fear, depression, stress or problems with substance use, knowing where to turn can be the biggest barrier to getting help. 

But difficulty finding help you can trust should never be an obstacle.

Now, a wealth of resources are just a click away, thanks to a new website that makes understanding mental health conditions simple and clear.

Whether you need help with grasping the complexities of a mental health condition, checking your symptoms through online self-assessment tools, or connecting with in-network mental health professionals, these resources and more can all be found in one, easy-to-navigate site Horizon Behavioral Health℠.

“We know that as a result of the pandemic, almost one out of every two people has experienced anxiety and/or depression,” said Suzanne Kunis, Vice President of Behavioral Health at Horizon. “It’s normal for all of us to feel grief, sadness and anxiety, but when these conditions persist, they rise to the level of requiring help and intervention. It’s important for all of us to recognize when help is needed, and to feel comfortable asking for that help. We hope this updated site will empower our members to learn and find the best solution for their individual needs,” Kunis said.

Created to clear a path to better mental health

The Horizon Behavioral Health site was designed for you, making it easy to get  and understand the information you need about mental health conditions and substance use disorders.

For example, if you want to check symptoms, a dropdown menu of questions provides easy access to self-assessment tools from nationally recognized organizations. There are tools that help users understand if they may be experiencing a variety of conditions, including anxiety, depression and substance use disorder. Suggested next steps help users find appropriate Horizon Behavioral Health Network providers and hotlines dedicated to support.

“Equally important, we want to make sure our members understand how to use Horizon benefits to their full advantage, and put their minds at ease that seeking and getting help will be simple and affordable,” said Kunis.

Connecting the dots to the right care

Accessing the new Horizon Behavioral Health site will also connect members to expert employees at Horizon who can help members get the most from their benefits, coordinate and connect them to care and assist with any follow‐up support they may need.

Kunis stressed that getting help and treatment for a mental health or substance use condition has become easier and more convenient through a series of virtual care options that Horizon has brought online over the last two years.

“With a focus on creating a whole-person, integrated care support system for our 3.7 million members, Horizon is methodically building a network of best-in-class organizations to provide a full range of services to help individuals receive the treatment, support and behavioral health services they need,” she said. “Bringing quality treatment options for the mind and body helps us help our members achieve their best health, and this new website is an important pathway to that mission.”