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Prescription costs keep going up. This online tool can help you save.


Horizon members can lower their drug costs and eliminate hassles.

Prescription drug costs keep rising. They hit your wallet at the pharmacy checkout, but prescription drug cost also eat up 20 cents of every premium dollar that Horizon members pay.

That’s why Horizon is offering another tool in our members’ toolbox that arms you with the information to make smart choices that can lower your costs.

MyPrime is an online information hub that helps you access your prescription information, understand your choices, and find the lowest-cost option.

“Let’s say your doctor gives you a new prescription, or a medicine you’ve been taking for years has gone up in price,” says Joy Nicolai, Director of Digital Web Solutions at Prime Therapeutics. “Or maybe you’re about to have surgery, or it’s open enrollment time and your insurance is changing. You’ll have a lot of questions, and what you need is proactive direction—that’s what MyPrime provides.”

With just a few clicks, users can access reliable info on their medicines, find the right pharmacy near them, compare prices, review drug interactions, and more.

And on the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page, you can get answers about your medications. This regularly updated section can be extremely useful for members with questions like “Why does the cost of my medication change from month to month?” or “How do I get prior authorization for a prescription?”

So how do you sign up? It’s easy. Simply visit MyPrime.com and click “Register.” Then, follow the instructions below.

1. Enter your plan information

Select “Horizon BCBSNJ” from the drop-down list. Identify if you are a Medicare Part D member. Click “Next step.”

2. Complete your personal information

 Complete your personal information as it appears on your member ID card. Click “Next step.”

3. Create an account 

Select a username and add your email address. Create a password and select and answer your security question. Accept the terms of use to complete the registration process. You will receive a registration confirmation, and then you will be able to access MyPrime.

Once you’re registered, use our guide below to navigate the tool in the way that’s most helpful to you.

Home page

The home page is designed to provide quick links to the information that matters most to you: “Find a medicine,” “Find a pharmacy,” and “Prescription history”. The home page also provides quick access to other features such as access to home delivery pharmacy and specialty medicine information as well as unique member account preferences.

Find medicines

By selecting “Find medicines,” you can search by drug name or condition and learn about coverage status based on your individual health plan. If you click on a medicine name, you’ll be directed to the “Medicine detail” page, where you will have access to clear coverage information, generic equivalents, information on therapeutic alternatives and much more. You can also select a retail or home delivery pharmacy to view pricing information.

Find a pharmacy

Looking for in-network pharmacies? Click on “Find a pharmacy”. Based on plan set-up, you may be able to further filter your search results to find pharmacies that provide a 90-day supply, or those open 24 hours, etc.

You can also get up-to-date pricing for the pharmacies listed in the search results by clicking “Select medicines.” Prime automatically delivers pricing for the first pharmacy on the list; click on “Price my medicines here” to get pricing at any of the additional pharmacies.

Prescription history

“Prescription history” displays up to two years of prescription history. MyPrime.com will display the total cost, plan paid and out-of-pocket expenses per member.


Members can learn more about Prime’s programs, find answers to frequently asked questions, learn more about their home delivery and specialty pharmacy options, view clear and simple definitions to common pharmacy industry terms and find more information on Utilization Management from the “Learn” drop down.


The “Forms” page provides members easy access to all relevant plan and member documents. Members can also access online coverage exception forms where available.

To learn about other ways Horizon helps you save on prescription costs, visit horizonhealthnews.com