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One-to-One Guidance Advances Members’ Goals in Path to Better Health



Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (Horizon BCBSNJ) member, Tina, couldn’t get her health back on track by herself. Then she connected with a MOBE Guide to show her how.

When Tina’s brother suddenly passed away from a heart attack at age 36, her grief took an immediate toll on her health. She began to stress-eat pizza and donuts. She stopped going to the gym. Her blood pressure shot up.

She didn’t know how to stop her downward spiral. Then she got a package in the mail from her health insurer, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (Horizon BCBSNJ).

Horizon BCBSNJ connected Tina with its partner MOBE, a company that provides custom guidance around everything that could affect a member’s health. MOBE complements a member’s own medical care team, offering additional health support at no additional cost to the member.

Tina was introduced to Anekia, a MOBE Guide who served as Tina’s one-to-one resource, adviser and champion. "I remember talking with Anekia for the first time, and saying 'Where do I go, how do I begin?' And the first words she told me were, 'Tina, we've got this,'” said Tina.

“During that first call, there was this instant connection,” said Anekia. “And by the end of the call, Tina was really excited.”

Anekia provided ongoing support and education that helped improve Tina’s diet, exercise and emotional health. All it took was a once-a-week conversation for 30 minutes. Within a few months, Tina’s life had changed.

“I have a more positive outlook on life – I'm eating better, I've lost 15 pounds, and my blood pressure is back to normal," Tina said.

To make this life-altering shift, Tina didn’t need a complicated procedure or intensive therapy. Instead, she needed to sync up her lifestyle choices with her doctor’s guidance.

“To truly restore and improve overall health, people should give attention to basic elements of their lifestyle. And MOBE helps people determine the path forward leading to meaningful, lasting change,” said Jason Doescher, MD, Chief Medical Officer at MOBE.

Achieving members’ best health takes a like-minded partner

To support Tina’s total health picture, Anekia focused on five elements central to everyone’s well-being: nutrition, fitness, sleep, emotional health and medications. They then worked together to advance Tina’s health goals at her own pace.

It’s this focus on whole health, personal connections and successful results like Tina’s that drew Horizon BCBSNJ to MOBE.

“We work with partners that share our commitment to helping our members achieve their best health,” said Allen Karp, Executive Vice President for Health Care Management and Transformation for Horizon BCBSNJ. “MOBE’s relationship-based support aligns all aspects of a member’s health, providing them with a better overall experience and producing better health outcomes.”

By using MOBE’s advanced analytics, Horizon BCBSNJ identified that Tina could benefit from this type of service. In fact, Horizon BCBSNJ members have to be selected to participate with MOBE; they can’t apply on their own.

“Tina’s story is a humbling example of our mission in action. MOBE’s personalized approach to care, combined with our innovative business model is a unique way to improve individual health outcomes while also reducing cost. The result is happier, healthier people,” said Chris Cronin, CEO of MOBE.

According to MOBE’s research with other health insurers, about 5 percent of members account for about 20 percent of health care costs. By identifying and working with this “hidden population,” MOBE guarantees that it can save the health care system millions of dollars.

Meeting the member where they are

Tina had several ways to connect with her MOBE Guide, Anekia. She had the choice of speaking over the phone or using the MOBE Health Guide app, which tracks members’ progress to their goals and gives them access to educational articles that their Guide has selected for them. Members eligible for MOBE Guides receive advice and guidance to address hidden gaps between chronic health issues, meet acute care needs and foster lifestyle changes that can improve overall health. A MOBE Pharmacist will also conduct comprehensive medication reviews.

For Tina and Anekia, they formed a lasting connection from their first phone call. Tina calls Anekia her cheerleader, her supporter and even her “Google.”

“That’s because if I need an article about how to help me drink more water, or about how I can reduce my blood pressure, I just tell Anekia, 'Do your magic fingers thing,' and 10 minutes after I talk to her, there it is!" said Tina.

Tina’s ultimate goal is to lose 100 pounds, but she’s focused on small, incremental steps – like losing 5 pounds at a time – that she can achieve with the help of Anekia.

“All the progress she’s already made is amazing,” said Anekia. “I appreciate being part of her story. Because it’s her story. She’s writing it, and I’m here along the way.”

Tina couldn’t imagine a better companion. "Everybody has told me, 'You are so different.' And it's because of MOBE and Anekia," said Tina.

Horizon BCBSNJ members can call MOBE at 844-841-9725 to see if they’re eligible for MOBE services.

MOBE is an independent company that supports Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey in providing custom guidance around health needs for members. MOBE is independent from and not affiliated with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey.