Making The Future Of Health Care Happen

Adapting to change by anticipating it.

Because that’s what our State and our members deserve.

For nearly 90 years, we’ve worked to help our members achieve their best health, give them peace of mind, and partnered with doctors and hospitals to make health care more accessible and affordable for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic created challenges that none of us expected, but all of us had to overcome to ensure that our members could get the care they need from the doctors they trust. It is a stark reminder that anticipating and being able to adapt to change has never been more important. Learn more about what we’re doing to serve our members and our state.

Lowering Costs

Health care costs continue to rise and that is putting more and more stress on our members and New Jersey’s employers. Horizon is the only not-for-profit health insurer focused uniquely on New Jersey and with a proven track record of partnering with doctors and hospitals to lower costs by improving quality. It’s why we were chosen by the State to become the sole administrator for its two health plans, a historic first. Learn more about ongoing efforts to enhance care and convenience while managing costs.

Tackling Today’s Most Pressing Health issues

From increasing access and eliminating cost as a barrier to care during COVID-19, to building alliances with local health organizations to address the social determinants of health, to helping fill the void in mental health care options, we’re working to put the health of every member – body and mind - front and center during this critical time and into the future.

Enhancing the Member Experience

Health care has to be more seamless, more accessible and less confusing. That’s why we’re guiding members to resources tailored to their health needs and providing them with new tools and new technologies to help them manage their health in ways that work best for them.

Improving Quality

We’re partnering with doctors and hospitals and New Jersey’s leading health groups to focus on delivering better care that produces better health. That means unleashing the power of our data and advanced analytics to eliminate care that drives up cost without delivering any real health benefits and promoting a more comprehensive, coordinated and simple health care experience for our members. It means giving doctors the tools and flexibility to treat our members remotely or virtually by expanding access to telemedicine. It means not waiting for the future of health care, but making it happen.