Making the future of health care happen

Because that’s what our State and our members deserve.

For 86 years, we’ve worked to make health care better and to empower our members to achieve their best health. Today, that means continuing to make health care more affordable, more convenient and more connected. It means partnering with doctors and hospitals committed to better, more whole-person care. And pursuing new technologies and tools that expand the ways our members can access care and manage their health. Learn more about how we make Blue work for you.

Lowering Costs

We know that improving quality and convenience can also lower the overall cost of care. With this experience, we’re working to save the State and taxpayers $200 million every year in health care costs.

Improving Quality

From inside the doctor’s office to outside in New Jersey’s communities, we’re committed to helping make health care more effective wherever our members receive the care and support they need.

Enhancing the Member Experience

Health care has to be more seamless and less confusing. That’s why we’re guiding members to resources tailored to their health needs and providing them with convenient tools to help them manage their health.

Pursuing Technology and Innovation

From providing easy-to-use apps to increasing access to mental health care providers, we’re connecting our members to technologies that improve the future of care, today.