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J.D. Power Ranks Horizon Highest In Member Satisfaction. Again. Here’s why.


With its member-focused approach, Horizon BCBSNJ receives the 2020 J.D. Power Award for the highest member satisfaction ranking among Commercial Health Plans in New Jersey.

By Thomas Vincz, Public Relations Manager

“After all he’s been through, I couldn’t let him down.”

With these words, Jamie Lewis resolved that she would not let the COVID-19 pandemic – or anything else – derail her client from achieving the health and life goals that meant everything to him.

Her client, “John,” recently moved into his own apartment in Camden – a new place that fit his budget and allowed him to be independent. The new apartment was a huge relief after a year of bouncing around living with friends, relatives and others, and while struggling with a series of chronic health conditions that limited his range of movement.

As a case manager with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (Horizon BCBSNJ), the company that provides John’s health coverage, Lewis helped stitch together a coordinated intervention for John and arranged at-home personal care assistance and community-based services that gave him back his independence. As a result, John could better manage his day-to-day activities, continue doctor visits and follow his medication regimens.

Enter COVID-19. John soon began experiencing problems accessing the resources that normally helped him. The pandemic had temporarily left local organizations unable to reach the community members that relied on them, like John.

“When I checked in to see how all of this was impacting him, he was worried and anxious. After all he’s been through to stay independent, I couldn’t let him down,” said Lewis. She is part of a team of nurse case managers focused exclusively on helping members with complex needs get the care and services they need.

Lewis gathered essential supplies from her church’s food pantry and bought fresh items from the grocery store, delivering them right to his door.

“John had a huge smile on his face when I brought him the groceries. Times like this – people helping people – have a real impact on a person’s life,” Lewis said. “Even though it seemed like a small act, it eased his mind, and he could relax knowing he had not only food, but someone there for him in a time of need.”

One relationship at a time

For Mark Barnard, Executive VP of Government Programs and Operations at Horizon BCBSNJ, stories like this come to mind whenever New Jersey’s largest health insurer is recognized with an award for customer service excellence.

In 2020, as it did in three of the last four years, Horizon BCSBNJ received what is considered by many to be the gold standard for excellence – the J.D. Power Award for the highest member satisfaction ranking among Commercial Health Plans in New Jersey[i]

“The health care system is enormous, complex and can be difficult to navigate even for people with relatively simple needs who are in generally good health,” said Barnard. “One of Horizon’s most important jobs is to help deliver a more simple and coordinated experience for our members, whether their needs are simple or complex, by working to connect parts of the health system.”

Horizon BCBSNJ is bringing simplicity to the member experience by taking its role to the next level, explained Barnard. “We’re going beyond paying claims and building networks of doctors and hospitals, pharmacies, therapists and labs to connect those networks and services to help our members achieve their best health. We never lose sight of a very simple and basic principle: Treat each member with integrity and respect – one relationship at a time,” he said.

Tops in Customer Satisfaction Again

Horizon BCBSNJ scored highest in Customer Satisfaction in the J.D. Power 2020 Member Health Satisfaction Study, and scored highest in four total factors – Customer Service, Benefits, Costs, and Provider Choice – among commercial plans in New Jersey for 2020.

“Horizon is a New Jersey company, so our 3.5 million members are our neighbors and their health is all that we are focused on. Earning an award from J.D. Power is gratifying because it’s our members telling us that we’re making a difference for them, doing the big and small things right every day, giving them the health care experience they deserve and that ultimately helps them achieve their best health,” Barnard added. “Being there for our members and for New Jersey is what we’re all about.”

[i] Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield received the highest score in New Jersey in the J.D. Power 2017-2018, 2020 U.S. Member Health Plan Studies of customers’ satisfaction with commercial health plan. Visit jdpower.com/awards