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Horizon’s Conlin: ‘We made decisions knowing they were going to be a significant expense’


Chairman says picking up costs for COVID-19 coverage, telehealth use and working with companies on premium payments, covering furloughed employees was right thing to do in crisis.

All health care organizations have hard-to-believe numbers that show the incredible impact of COVID-19. Here’s one data point from Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey: Weekly claims for telemedicine have jumped from 5,000 to an average of 127,000 — with a one-week high of 170,000.

Here’s the bigger number associated with that: Horizon waived the deductible on all of those calls to make it easier for customers to get the coverage they needed and for providers — often working remotely themselves — to be able to provide it without having to figure out how to collect the copay.

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