14:53 PM

Horizon CEO condemns bigotry and violence against Asian Americans

Horizon BCBSNJ condemns the bigotry, hatred and discrimination that has led to a rising level of violence and attacks on Asian Americans. We recognize that our members, employees, and neighbors - particularly those who are Asian American - are experiencing feelings of grief, anger, sorrow, frustration, and fear. There is no place in our society for vitriol and violence against any community because of ethnicity, race, religion, beliefs or orientation. Horizon has a commitment to lasting and positive change grounded in our Pledge to promote equity, inclusion, awareness and understanding to confront racism, hate and discrimination.

We are committed to helping our employees and members who are hurting. Resources are available to listen and talk with you 24/7 by calling Horizon Behavioral Health at 800-626-2212 or through one of our telehealth partners. As an example, members can arrange to speak with or have a video-enabled visit with a licensed therapist through this link. Telehealth visits with mental health professionals are available to all members at no cost during the current public health emergency. Members can also arrange a visit or telehealth appointment with any available behavioral health professional in our network. You can find in-network providers near you by using this online directory.

Over the past year, Americans came together to help one another during the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19. We saw strength, compassion and personal sacrifice take many heroic forms. We have proven that we are stronger and better together, even when a pandemic requires us to remain apart. Now is the time for us to stand together – with one another and for one another – and work toward the brighter future to which we all aspire.