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Horizon and the Red Bulls Team up to Get Kids Back in Summer Camps



Horizon members score discounts on soccer youth summer camps

For youth soccer players in New Jersey and around the country, COVID-19 was the penalty kick that forced everyone to the sidelines for a year or more. For many, it was a real gut punch because it took them away from the game they love, separated them from friends and teammates, and forced an unwelcomed pause to their development as players.

With the coronavirus now in retreat, Horizon is teaming up with the Red Bulls to help young players retake the field, improve their skills and even the score with the pandemic. Soccer camps are back, and they come with a big discount for Horizon members and their families.

“Suiting up for the soccer field is one of the best and most enjoyable ways for kids to stay active and fit, which is why Horizon is proud to be the presenting sponsor of the Red Bulls Youth Summer Camp soccer program,” said Jonathan R. Pearson, Horizon’s Director of Corporate Social Responsibility. Pearson said the camps, which are now signing up children ages 4 to 14, are being offered at locations throughout New Jersey and feature a 25 percent discount for Horizon members.

Running from June 21 through August 31, 2021, the Red Bulls Summer Camps are now accepting registrations for at least 47 New Jersey locations.

“New York Red Bulls camps offer something for everyone,” said Tom Moriarty, Senior Manager of Red Bulls Youth Programs. “Our camps operate for players of all ages and abilities and offer a full range of experiences. Whether a player is seeking to advance his or her skills to compete at a higher level, or just wants to benefit from an atmosphere of world class soccer instruction, our camps create lifelong memories,” Moriarty said.

The 2021 Red Bulls Camps open to the New Jersey youth soccer player include:

  • 2021 Day Camps, which run in half-day, full-day, and extended-day lengths for five days.
  • 2021 Summer Residential Camps, where the instruction is more advanced, featuring an extended training experience with a curriculum.
  • Regional Development School programs, which offer advanced soccer players ages 7-14 the opportunity to develop individual technical aspects of their game.

Keeping children’s safety first and foremost, the Red Bulls is applying COVID-19 protocols for all of its summer camps as mandated by the NJ State Department of Health. “Our top priority is to ensure all camps operate under the highest safety standards.

“While this summer may require some changes to how we do things at camp, we're making sure that children come to camp prepared and that the camp will be as safe and healthy as possible,” Moriarty said.

Pearson added that the summer camps also create the opportunity to improve children’s awareness about health and safety risks beyond COVID-19.

“In addition to improving their soccer game, youngsters will also learn some important tips on how to protect their health, such as applying sunscreen to protect their skin, staying hydrated, and fueling their body with nutritious foods. These practices can lead to regular routines that protect ad improve health over a lifetime,” Pearson said.

Pearson said personal health and giving back to the community are hallmarks of a corporate relationship with the Red Bulls that began in 2015.

“In the Red Bulls, we see an organization that shares Horizon’s values. We are both committed to being active in the communities we serve, and using our collective reach to help improve the health and wellness of the people we touch. Whether through the many joint community projects on which our two organizations have partnered or the Summer Camps that attract thousands of New Jersey families, we see soccer as a unifying way to create a healthier state for people of all ages and backgrounds,” Pearson said.

Additional registration information can be found here. Horizon members can obtain camp discounts of 25 percent by entering the discount code of HorizonMemberSU21.