Horizon Health Works

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Horizon Health Works is a new monthly video series highlighting the innovations and initiatives that are improving health care right here in New Jersey. Discover inspiring stories about the health care heroes who are making a difference for our members and communities all over the state. Plus, get expert advice and tips on achieving your best health.

Watch the program live every week at 9 am on Saturdays and Sundays on News12+ (channel 530 on Verizon FiOS or channel 61 on Optimum).

October 2020

From Rutgers University in New Brunswick: RU’s Dr. Brian Strom on the future of health care; CEO Luisa Charbonneau discusses how Braven Health enhances the healthcare experience of its members; Why whole-person care means better health for a recovering Monmouth County man; Predicting the second wave of COVID-19 and understanding the impact of the first; Betty Matthews helps children who have faced unthinkable loss; and Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City Chef Pam gives kids a recipe for success.

Original Air Date: Saturday, October 3rd

September 2020

The first episode of Horizon Health Works. Our brand new monthly series will highlight innovations and initiatives to improve healthcare, expert advice and health tips. We'll feature the people of New Jersey who are making a difference all over the state.

This month, a discussion with Holy Name's chief medical officer, Dr. Adam Jarrett, who says delaying checkups and routine preventative tests because of coronavirus can be risky. Advice on how to discuss racism with your children. An inside look at a unique insurance program that uses community health workers to reach people who need more to achieve their best health and a conversation with an inspirational Rutgers basketball player, who is making a big difference.

Original Air Date: Saturday, September 5th