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Easier, more affordable prescriptions make New Jersey healthier

$439 annual out-of-pocket savings for people enrolled in Rx Savings Solutions

Spending on prescription drugs is the fasting-growing expense in health care. Drug costs account for nearly 20 cents of every dollar that Horizon members pay in premiums. Here are five ways Horizon is working with healthcare partners to drive down the cost of prescription drugs:

Lower cost alternative meds. Through the Rx Savings Solutions online tool, you can receive alerts on how to find and fill lower-cost prescription medications. People who enrolled in Rx Savings Solutions have saved an average of $439 out-of-pocket annually on their prescriptions.

Home delivery = more convenience and savings. PillPack by Amazon Pharmacy offers Horizon members two options for lower-cost prescription medications: a 30-day supply of multiple medications, organized and pre-sorted so members don’t miss a dose, or a 90-day supply in a bottle – all delivered right to your home.

Doctors can prescribe lower out-of-pocket costs. Using the Gemini tool, doctors can check to see if there is an alternative prescription that would lower the out-of-pocket cost for their patients while still delivering the medical benefit they seek.

Lowering the cost of generic drugs. While generics are generally less expensive than name-brand drugs, those with limited suppliers or in significant demand are soaring in price. To help manufacture more affordable generic drugs and bring them to more people who need them, Horizon has partnered with other Blue insurers and non-profit drug maker Civica.

Using data to improve outcomes and reduce waste. Using advanced analytics and partnering with a leading healthcare technology company, Horizon’s pharmacy team uses medical and pharmacy claims data to help improve treatment pathways for members with type 2 diabetes and eight other chronic conditions.