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Better technology helps create a healthier New Jersey

1 Click Access to Mental Health Support

Technology offers patients many conveniences – from using an app to have a video visit with your doctor to finding a more affordable prescription to checking the status of your insurance claims. But, we’re also using it to unlock the power of big data to give your doctor a wealth of insights into your health to help improve your care.

Here are six ways Horizon is using technology to improve members’ access to care and lower their costs.

The Horizon App. Put one-stop personal health care management in your hand. The Horizon app connects you to check coverage, access your insurance card, check your claims, and manage your benefits. It also connects you to Horizon CareOnline, where you can chat with a nurse or have a telehealth visit with your doctor. Don’t have it? Download it here!

Log in and dig into benefits. Take control of your health through a secure online services experience on HorizonBlue.com. Get personalized information based on your policy’s out-of-pocket limits, chat with customer service, check to see if you can lower your prescription costs, or connect with a nurse 24/7 to get your health care questions answered.

Using virtual gateways to make it easier to take care of your emotional and mental health. Good health means both body and mind. Now, getting the information and support you need to take care of your mental health is just a click away with Horizon Behavioral Health℠.

Know before you go. Digital tools give you the ability to drill down into estimating what treatments, procedures or tests will cost you out of pocket, based on your plan benefits, and where to find the costs most favorable to your wallet. An out-of-network cost calculator also gives you detailed cost estimates of treatments and procedures based on the type of conditions and the location of the out-of-network provider.

Doctors can prescribe savings. With the Gemini tool, doctors can receive real-time alerts on lower-cost prescription drugs as they’re prescribing medications to their Horizon patients. This tool helps doctors lower what you pay out-of-pocket for prescriptions.

Sharing medical data and insights with your doctors. With each visit you have with a doctor, specialist, hospital or pharmacy, your physician has the opportunity to understand how all the interactions inform your medical condition. Horizon partners with its network partners to share this claim data, which may not otherwise be on your physicians’ electronic health records. And through advanced platforms like Horizon HealthSphere, doctors can get analytic-informed insights to help guide their care plans for you.

Working with partners drive better care. Horizon works with hundreds of partners to use technology to direct the right health care solutions to the right members at the right time and place. For example, community health workers (CHWs) in the Horizon Neighbors in Health program use NowPow, a digital platform on a tablet, to connect program members in need of health and community services to local organizations that deliver those services.

Researching cures with Rutgers. Horizon has teamed up with New Jersey’s premier academic research institution, Rutgers University, to create one of the state’s most powerful data-driven medical research partnerships. The two Garden State mainstays have launched 14 clinical trials – using RU clinical expertise and Horizon claims data – to improve medicine and health care delivery.