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Better oral health for a healthier New Jersey

1.8M members make Horizon Dental is New Jerseys largest dental insurer

Dentists know that health problems occurring in other parts of the body often show up in the mouth. What’s more, oral health issues can quickly impact your overall health. That’s why empowering you to maintain good oral health is a critical part of Horizon’s integrated, whole-person approach to health. As the state’s largest dental insurer, we’re here to share five ways Horizon is working to help you keep a bright smile while achieving your best health.

Early disease detection. Horizon works with network dentists to help members identify the onset of serious diseases, such as diabetes, through dental exams. With such diagnoses, Horizon members can be referred to intensive case management through the company’s Chronic Care Program.

New Jersey’s largest dental insurer. Horizon Dental is New Jersey’s largest insurer with 1.8 million members and one of the largest networks of dental professionals.

#1 dental plan for those most in need. More than 57 percent of New Jerseyans who rely on Medicaid for their health coverage – both children and adults – receive comprehensive dental services from Horizon. Covered services include comprehensive orthodontics for children, and sedation dentistry for young children, including those with special needs.

The Kids Oral Health Program (KOHP). Initiated in 2016, the KOHP originally focused on closing oral health inequities among children in underserved New Jersey communities. Now in its third phase, the program has partnered with the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine to create a scholarship program aimed at increasing the representation of dentists of color in New Jersey – and to helping ensure families get the dental care they need.

Dental plans for everyone and any budget. Horizon’s dental plans feature broad coverage for routine dental visits with no out-of-pocket costs and deep discounts. Plans are available for individuals, families, and small and large small employers.